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Experience the Kalevala digitour

Stories have been an inspiration for humans since ancient times. They have been thought generation to generation and the tradition is still alive.

Kalevala is collected of thousands of poems by writer Elias Lönnrot in 1835. The epic takes you on a trip where you´ll meet wise magicians, face challenges and overcome them with ”sisu”, the Finnish grit and power.

The keys of wellbeing is found within yourself when you have experienced the real Nature. Now we want to reveal the magic of Kalevala also to you.

The Experience Kalevala digitour is a 2 hour long digital trip guided in Japanese. It has been filmed in the magical landscapes of Kainuu where the national story Kalevala has been written.

In the Woods


Epic travel made in Finland

Experience Kalevala is a pilot project running from January 2020 to June 2021. The aim is to brand the Finnish national epic to the next success story of travel.

In the post-pandemic era, there´s a need for personalized travel experiences. Safety, clear air and pure nature are key selling points, not forgetting a great Story. This is what Finland is all about and now we are working on creating a niche marketplace where the mythical Kalevala travel experiences can be found.

We believe in providing authentic culture travel services for those who love to wander in the woods, seek travel experiences online or discover the Finnish culture in urban surroundings. The keys to the magic mill Sampo can only be discovered here in the land of Kalevala. 

If you are interested to know more about the Experience Kalevala services please be in contact. We are happy to serve in English, Swedish, Japanese and Finnish.

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My name is Mimosa Sukanen and I´m the Digital & Culture Travel Manager of Ikitaival. I´m the contact person to book your trip for the Experience Kalevala -digitour.

I will connect you with our local guide Yukie Tonuma who will discuss the trip details in Japanese.

Welcome to experience Finland and the mythical story of Kalevala!


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